zSCAPE – Bringing next generation TEE based secure and privacy
driven DLT Protocol for P2P apps

P2P Challenges

Blockchains do not address needs of P2P decentralized apps

The Single Ledger Blockchains or Decentralized solutions of today do not address the challenges of Privacy, Security and Integrity that is vital for the growing Peer to Peer ecosystem.

The access to on-chain data or decentralized apps is still centralized and lacks the privacy and security required for public usecases like DeFi, NFTs or Metaverses.

The private data storage and sharing requires a secure yet verifiable protocol that is missing in the existing DLT protocols. For larger Web3 adoption in healthcare, etc, it is a mandate.

For a trustless and verifiable P2P network, we require a protocol that ensures self-owned data and selective consensus to achieve the required privacy and security.

There are no mechanisms today to verify identity without exposing credentials itself in P2P transactions. 

Our Features

zSCAPE - A Privacy and Security protocol made for the future of internet

The zSCAPE DLT protocol is user-centric, TEE based and it unprecedentedly improves the level of security and privacy which can be achieved in a dApp without compromising the level of decentralisation.

TEE Based – Intel and ARM

How zSCAPE works?

Our Strategy


Individuals and Datacentres can commit resources to participate

Token will be awarded to these datacentres and individuals against their contribution

Developers and organization will consume zSCAPE network to run their applications, Blockchain solutions and web services

Tokens will be consumed against the resources consumed on the SCPS network

Build Powerful P2P decentralized apps with zSCAPE

zSCAPE combines the most powerful developer tools in
Web3 with helpful resources, talented community, and support for building P2P DApps.

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